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HEALTH Through Nutritional Science and Testing

What if the solution was found before the problem? At Highland Chiropractic when you choose our nutrition program, we provide you with an affordable comprehensive panel of ten important life changing tests and nutritional solutions based on your results.

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1. PH Acid/Alkaline Balance Test

This test will determine whether your body fluids are either too acidic or too alkaline. An imbalance can cause a wide variety of illnesses due to acidosis or alkalosis.

2. Enzyme/Acid Reflux Test

This very important test helps to determine two things: Is the patient enzyme deficient? Enzymes are essential for breaking down food and proper digestion and absorption.

3. Iodine Patch Test

This test helps determine iodine saturation in the body. Abnormally low iodine can dramatically influence endocrine, thyroid and hormone activity in the body.

4. Adrenal Test

Adrenals are often referred to as the body’s stress glands. Adrenals are part of the endocrine system. They help to maintain salt and water balance in the body. They are also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and blood sugar regulation.

5. Heart Function Test

This is a combined heart rate and blood pressure test screen.

6. Blood Type Test

This test helps to determine which foods act like medicines in your body and foods that act as poisons or allergens in your body. Individuals who battle with unresolved health issues, weight problems and lowered immune system would benefit from this test.

7. Postural Hypotension Test (for kidneys)

Kidneys must properly excrete and filtrate salt along with other wastes from the body or edema results. Symptoms of kidney problems include: chills, fever, urinary urgency, fluid retention (bloating), abdominal pain, appetite loss, back pain, nausea and vomiting.

8. Body Fat Percentage Test

This test is monumental in determining the quantity and quality of weight control based on effective nutrition.

9. Tissue Calcium Test

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, primarily found in the bones and teeth. When the body is not properly absorbing calcium, it will often concentrate in the soft tissue, such as the heart and vessels, joints and muscles. This process is responsible directly or indirectly for many of the auto immune diseases suffered by Americans.

10. Visceral Health Appraisal Test

A highly sensitive symptom survey presented by Standard Process Nutritional Labs designed to screen organs that may be stressed or suspect for early shut down in your body such as thyroid, colon, pancreas, liver, heart, male and female reproductive organs.

11. Lung Capacity Test

An individual's vital capacity or oxygen supply is directly proportional to the immune competence, the ability to heal and overall life expectancy. Since 1850, all studies related to vital capacity confirm that it is the best predictor for all-cause mortality(death). In other words, the higher your vital capacity nujmber is, the longer your life expectancy.


Health through nutritional science and testing. Stop guessing on your health when it comes to supplements and nutrition. Complete a free health appraisal TODAY!